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Selection to upgrade the master sound source recorded by MTR

MTR DAW 録音 音楽制作 ロックバンド 歌い手 配信 youtube マイク

Many musicians who write songs will use MTR (multi-track recorder) because of its ease of use. In recent years, it has become the mainstream to use DAWs (digital audio workstations) that utilize personal computers, but the reality is that many people are reluctant to introduce this because they have a lot of equipment and knowledge to prepare.

Even a single MTR requires a minimum knowledge of basic multi-track recording, but the operation related to recording is simpler than that of a DAW. Once you have decided on your own production routine, you can easily record it, which is convenient for musicians who want to quickly record the image of a song that comes to mind. This should be enough for a demo recording to give to the band members. It's also highly portable, so it's also useful for simple recording in a rehearsal studio.


Depending on the model, some are compatible with high resolution, so you should be able to record in an environment that is the same as a professional work in terms of recorded audio specifications. However, in reality, there is a big difference in grade , which makes me feel absurd.

Would you like to introduce a microphone preamplifier?

マイクプリ コンデンサーマイク レコーディングスタジオ 音質

You can imagine that it is the microphone that determines the recording grade of musical instruments and songs. However, it is also a fact that the priority is low in the home recording environment where MTR is used. Many effectors used for guitars and basses have a built-in excellent amp simulator , and recording to MTR is only line recording except for songs . So don't you think it's a waste of microphone-related equipment that is only used for tentative songs?

The mic preamplifier can be used not only by connecting it to a mic, but also as a booster for line recording, and in many cases the grade of line recording can be raised to one level . Not only guitars and basses, but also the recorded sounds of drum machines can be obtained with fat and fat sounds.

A single MTR has various functions in a compact size. The total price is tens of thousands of yen, so each built-in part is cheap. It is natural that there is a grade difference compared to professional equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of yen for the equalizer alone.

Therefore, I would like to hold down the mic preamplifier. An amplifier is a simple piece of hardware that amplifies the sound, but specialized mic pre equipment is packed with technology for recording lively sound. The grade at the time of recording cannot be easily recovered even if effects and plug-ins are applied later. It can be said to be the key to inputting sound material. It exists at a reasonable price, so we recommend that you purchase one.

Condenser microphones you want to combine and their precautions


If you want to record beautiful vocals, I would like to use it in combination with a condenser microphone. You can expect upgrades with high-cost microphones such as Rode that are also used by professionals. However, be careful when recording at home or at a rehearsal. Condenser microphones have high sensitivity, so they pick up even finer sounds than dynamic microphones such as the SM-58.

It picks up even the slightest noise in the room (including the second hand of the clock) and air conditioning, so extra noise countermeasures are required. If you install it, take the minimum soundproofing measures that may affect the power supply, around the computer, and the surroundings.

Let's study the optimum setting of the noise gate corresponding to your recording environment. If you can't prevent it environmentally, a standard dynamic microphone such as the SM-58 is wise.

If the sound source you want to announce as a formal work is born

Feel free to record as a demo, but sometimes you may be able to record more than you expected. In such a case, please challenge mastering to finish. There are various grade differences from professional musician works, but there is a big difference in grade feeling depending on mastering .

Mastering is difficult to reproduce on a standalone MTR. In addition, it is difficult to get good results with the technique of baking blade, but recently, automatic mastering by AI is also recommended because it can be done at a reasonable price.

There is also an easy-to-use online mastering service. How about using a service called LANDR? You can have MP3 files automatically mastered by a professional algorithm.

There are many engineers who provide free mastering services, and there are various services from global engineers to indie musicians. This site also provides similar services.

Even the best engineers can't improve the sound beyond the recording grade.

Not everyone can record in the best settings. Amateurs in particular spin music in a limited environment . Therefore, the point is always "better choice". Even just taking measures at the entrance and exit of the sound will raise the work to a higher level than expected.

We also recorded live performances with an IC recorder, and there are many requests for improvement, but the sound source recorded properly will also reduce the improvement level. It is only a correction and correction, and no dramatic change can be expected.

Track cleaning of MTR recording data. For mixing and mastering , please contact HybridSoundReform.com . HybridSoundReform.com is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering. Cleanly removes hum and noise that are easily mixed in at home recording. We provide careful mastering that cannot be obtained by automatic mastering. There is a free trial order system.