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You can enjoy improving the sound quality of the air check sound source.

It can also be used by users other than musicians. Would you like to improve the sound quality of a precious rare sound source that only you own?


Improved sound quality for radio recording sound sources

We have also received such a request. This is data recorded by a female singer in the 90's on AM radio. An extremely rare sound source for fans whose record release has been postponed due to circumstances. It is a song that contains the humming noise peculiar to AM and the rustling sound depending on the reception condition.

Can you somehow imagine the "quality of the sound source recorded on the radio"? Depending on the degree, it may be difficult to make a remarkable improvement, but we received a free test reform.

Audio repair software used in professional video production studios can already be repaired beyond the interpretation of the general public .

Not only does it reduce annoying noise, but it also masters the sound pressure of the latest songs. AM broadcasting is monaural (no LR channel), but we made it a pseudo stereo sound image to improve the overall listening comfort.

The user was satisfied with the test sound source and purchased a paid plan. Feel free to request personal remodeling to improve the music for personal enjoyment.

* At the time of application, we promise that you will use it only for personal use that does not infringe copyright.

From tape media to online compatible high resolution sound source

At Hybrid Sound, we undertake improvements to a wide range of sound sources.

Click here for a list of compatible media

In addition to audio, we also support processing by extracting audio from videos such as Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, and SD cards.

In addition, we also heard, such as YouTube videos that you have been up .

All menus use a " trial order system " that allows you to try out the effects in advance, so you can use it with confidence.

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