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15 smart ways to use voice memos


Voice memo function that is installed as standard on most smartphones . Are you using it? Even if it is called a voice memo, its true identity is a recording app. You can use it in various ways by changing your perspective.

Everyone has heard of an episode in which a well-known musician suddenly left the lyrics and phrase of a song on an answering machine. Such a role is currently shifting to smartphone voice memos.

There are various ways to use it other than just voice memos.

  • As a learning tool

  • As a tool to convey emotions

  • Use as a trump card to hold evidence

Here are 15 useful ways to use voice memos. Depending on your ideas, you may get some hints on how to earn extra income.

1. Use as a normal empty-handed memo (substitute for paper memo)

Ordinary memos must be written on paper or tapped on a computer or smartphone. Voice memo does not need it. You can record hands-free by pressing the record button. Even while working with your hands, you can record what you are interested in. Record more and more important things while driving, cooking, or traveling to work.

The accuracy seems to vary, but recently there are many apps that convert voice data into characters .

2. Recording of songs and instrument practice


Voice memos can also be used for singing and practicing musical instruments. Depending on the instrument and recording location, you need to devise a little setting to record beautifully. It is easier to find problems efficiently by recording music rather than practicing in the dark clouds and looking back on one 's performance objectively .

A smartphone is enough for humming, karaoke, and acoustic guitar. If you want more authentic sound quality, you should consider a high-quality microphone that can be attached to a linear PCM recorder or smartphone .

3. Presentation rehearsal

It is also effective for rehearsing important presentations in the business scene. Whether it's a student or a job interview, I want to talk to the other person as easily as possible in an important situation where I stand in front of people. If you record and listen to your own way of speaking objectively, it is easy to control the points for improvement.

If you want Steve Jobs' cool behavior, you need a video, but by listening only to the sound, you can focus on the words without being confused by the visuals. The drawbacks of having a bad tongue and being hard to hear, and repeating "Eh" for each phrase are exposed in an easy-to-understand manner. Rehearsal recordings of interviews and presentations are extremely effective.

4. Recording of negotiations & negotiations


It is also effective for difficult business negotiations and negotiations. At the negotiating table where huge amounts of money move, you may get into trouble by exchanging unspoken bargaining. Declaring a recording at the beginning of a business negotiation is also insurance for fair business negotiations.

Be sure to record the microphone of your smartphone toward the other party. If you make a mistake, your voice will be loud and there is a high probability that you will not be able to hear what the other person is saying.

5. Celebration voice message recording

A voice message recommended for those who are embarrassed by video messages. It is easy to convey a heartfelt message to relatives and loved ones who are far away. "Well, you can call me"? It is effective when it is difficult to communicate in real time when the other party is overseas or the schedule cannot be seen . With voice, you can gather friends and surprise the song.

If you want to send an entire song, the capacity will be large and you may not be able to attach it to an email. In such a case, store it in a storage service such as Google Drive and share it with your blessing partner.

6. Recording for storytelling


Recording to read aloud the book is also OK. It is convenient to record stories that children want to hear many times. From professional narrator content , the voice read by parents seems to have a positive effect on children. The father's reading should be fresh for children. It will be the strongest tool to fill the communication shortage of busy dads .

Speaking of which, it is a service for adults, but it seems that a service that reads out topical books written by Daigo and Horiemon has started on Amazon.

7. Recording for use in cheating investigation

It is not uncommon for one of the spouses to be suspicious, question the truth, or make a hidden recording in a room where secret meetings are suspected. It is difficult to keep a smartphone away from your hand for a long time, and it seems that there are many cases where a dedicated voice recorder terminal is used for secret photography in a room or car.

However, even if it is installed far from the parties to the conversation, it will almost fail. This is because voice memos and voice recorders for conversation basically only assume recording at a distance across the table .

If you want to record sound far from the sound source, the minimum requirement is to use a linear PCM recorder with a built-in high-sensitivity microphone. When discussing face-to-face, it is wise to place your smartphone on the table, set it to airplane mode so that the phone does not ring, and record secretly. Also, make sure to check the microphone position and point it at the other side.

8. Recording of troubles in the workplace


Voice memos are used for many workplace troubles and are often used as evidence in trials. Black companies have not yet been eradicated, including power harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, dismissal, and unfair employment conditions.

In a closed organization where a hierarchical relationship has been established, these rubbing acts are commonplace. The boss who consulted may not deal with it. You can also record interactions with your boss who doesn't get along. There are already many cases of using voice memos in critical situations.

9. Recording to capture evidence of disputes / conflicts

With the widespread use of drive recorders, video and audio data have recently been used as evidence of conflicts among individuals, such as troubles in driving while driving. The voice data of the voice memo can also be used for communication after the dispute has already begun. Even if you contact us in advance and apply for a seat for negotiations, if you have an attitude that seems to be neglected, you can make an electric shock visit and record the situation you are asking, and you can suppress the fact that the other party is trying to escape.

It seems that companies may have trouble with each other even at construction sites where multiple contractors come and go and contracts and interests are intricately intertwined. Declaring the date at the beginning of the data when recording continuously is also a dispute technique.

10. Recording video audio backup


When shooting a video, it is convenient to record it for insurance in case of trouble. For example, in the case of lectures and seminar videos, there is also a problem that the speaker's wireless pin microphone has a problem and the expected audio recording cannot be performed.

The video camera is not always set close to the performer. If there is a distance from the camera microphone to the performer, the quality will be severe for backup audio. Especially for content such as interviews and lectures where "the content of the talk is the leading role", a recorder for audio backup should be installed near the performer. Voice memo is a substitute when there is no dedicated recorder.

11. Lecture recording

Many people record lectures and seminars. If the performer is the subject of coverage, a newspaper reporter may record it for translation.

However, there are cases where the recorded content is hardly audible at venues with a lot of echoes or in large places, such as lectures held at Tokyo Big Sight. If you need to translate it, we recommend installing a smartphone near the performer's microphone or speaker for recording. Keep valuable content word for word.

12. Recording for transliteration of minutes

Even in a world where video and recording media have become so widespread, there are still many companies that stick to written minutes. In some cases, the person in charge of minutes owns a full-fledged voice recorder.

It is a rule of thumb for smartphones to always point the microphone at the speaker. However, if there are many participants and the conference room is large, there is a high possibility that the voice of the speaker far from your seat cannot be picked up. Recognize that you can record clearly within 2 meters at most. If you need it often, you can get a dedicated recorder or add a high-performance microphone .

13. Audio content recording

Voice memos allow anyone to easily record their own voice. If you are good at interesting stories or stories that are useful for your life, why not record those stories?

Demand for voice content, including podcasts, is rising. With internet radio, you can make a call at no cost. It may become popular and earn income with a little chance. Why don't you record useful contents that make use of interesting stories and specialized fields?

14. Recording for language learning

It is common to use audio materials for English conversation. However, practical training that involves conversation requires not only listening but also vocalization (pronunciation) practice. Even if you repeat and practice, you cannot objectively check the pronunciation because you are pronouncing it. In such a case, let's record it in a voice memo. This is useful for checking the shortcomings of what is different from the pronunciation of the teaching materials.

15. As supplementary material for classes and lectures


You can also use the recording of lesson contents at school. I think it is strict to ban the use of smartphones in class until middle and high school students, but it seems that university students of the smartphone generation are using it wisely. Depending on the characteristics of the lecture, there seems to be a wide range of utilization effects, but it is a good way to not miss every word of the teacher / lecturer. Recording lessons that you just can't attend and sharing them with friends may be a daily routine.


How was that. Despite the features found in most smartphones, it's a waste for anyone who has never used it before. Let's use it wisely. If you make a long recording, the data will be large and sharing with others will be difficult by e-mail. At that time the giga files flights and drop box Please try to take advantage of the storage services, such as Google Drive.

Voice memo / recorded data editing & clarification

Hybrid Sound Reform , which handles "sound reform," also provides the general public with a service to improve the sound quality of audio and video data recorded on iPhones and other smartphones. Please feel free to contact us if you have an audio file that is difficult to hear or a video file that you want to improve the sound.



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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