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Are you leaving the video of your dear child's recital?

The videos of children's piano recitals and arts and sciences are important images that bring back memories of those days. It's such an important video, but as time goes by, it starts to deteriorate, and eventually it may not be enjoyed satisfactorily due to noise. If you have a video that is left behind in your chest of drawers, why not try improving the sound quality once.

New video also has noise

Noise is noticeable when playing the video after the recital or concert. Do you have such an experience? There are various mechanisms for generating noise, but one of the causes is that "the sound is not picked up satisfactorily". For example, children tend to choose a place with an emphasis on the angle on a sunny stage, but if you shoot in a place where you cannot pick up the sound satisfactorily even if the angle is good, the sound will be distorted. This phenomenon occurs not only on smartphones but also on camcorders, but this is due to the poor performance of the microphone. As a result, audio distortion is not limited to older videos. If you have a video camera that specializes in collecting sound, you can ensure a certain level of sound quality, but if that is not the case, we recommend shooting in a place where you can pick up sound well, such as near the stage.

Please contact us as soon as possible for the video of your memories.

Even if it can be played without delay now, the videotape may not be able to be played due to deterioration over time. The better the storage condition, the longer it tends to last, but to do so, it is necessary to avoid heat and humidity, do not place anything that generates magnetism nearby, and store it properly in a case. However, it takes time to prepare such an environment, and even if it is prepared, it is impossible to completely prevent deterioration. In order not to deteriorate the image of the memory, it is necessary to take measures such as reprinting to DVD or Blu-ray. If you do not have an environment where you can reprint, why not consider requesting a professional once.

If you would like to improve the sound quality of your important presentations or transfer your important images to other media, please contact In addition to improving sound quality by removing noise from video and audio files, we also convert to media according to the customer's application. In addition, when improving the sound quality, we will carefully clean it without losing the sense of presence of the performance. If you would like to experience professional sound treatment, please feel free to contact us.

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