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What is the new value gained by improving sound quality?

Anyone can easily make digital recordings, and the beautiful "sound" with less noise is much closer to us. With a decent microphone and sound collecting technique, anyone can get a good sound. However, it is difficult to record music performances with beautiful sound quality because it looks different from photos and videos.

A new value called Music Portrait

Now that you can easily take beautiful pictures, the number of pictures owned by each individual has increased compared to the past. It's easy to leave a nice portrait that you can decorate without worrying about the number of films. In comparison, most of the time I feel "cheap" for the videos and music I recorded. A wonderful thing that can vacuum pack emotions and scenes that can only be done at that time. Why don't you stick to the quality of "sound"?


Voice correction technology is evolving more than you think


Computer performance has improved dramatically, and technology that cost hundreds of millions of yen 30 years ago has become familiar. "Sound" may have few opportunities to know its evolution. The world of movies is not the only audio technology that removes jarring noise and creates powerful sound and presence . I wondered if we could provide a service that would make people feel that kind of technology.

Why don't you "sound reform" the precious moments captured by your smartphone? Song / music

We will improve videos that require a sense of presence, including stages such as theater and dance.

At, we perform sound reform of recorded sound sources. In sound reform, we not only improve the sound quality such as noise removal, but also finish the sound in poor condition into "musically resonating sound". If you would like to experience reasonable and high quality professional mastering technology, please feel free to contact us. is also improving the sound quality of videotapes, so please feel free to contact us if you have old videos such as children's piano recitals and concerts.

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