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You can request the sound adjustment of self-produced movies and videos.

In Hybrid Sound Reform, which repairs and improves a wide range of audio content, there are increasing opportunities to adjust the sound of video works of self-produced movies. I assumed that there are certain needs for documentary works that are basically recorded on location, but the satisfaction of clients is high even for drama works that accompany plays.


Low-budget movies are often shot in places where the noise of the city is likely to enter, such as warehouses and offices. In some cases, the pin microphones prepared by the actors may be noticed after recording, such as the jarring engine sound of a motorcycle being mixed in at the timing of the dialogue, or the sound of ruining the place in the ambience.

Experience value for dealing with environmental noise is different

This service also handles a lot of noise removal and voice restoration of poor quality recordings such as voice recorders handled by general users . Experience value of noise reduction has accumulated know-how unique to specialized services.

The sound adjustment of the content recorded as a work is not limited to bold sound adjustment, but also familiar with ambience adjustment, which is the heart of realistic production, and mix processing that maximizes the attractiveness of the actor's voice, close to the director's image. We provide sound field expression.

iZotopeRX 編集

Spectral Repair​(Magical synthesis tool that removes specific sounds)

iZotope RX's "Spectral Repair" is a representative tool that has made the software known as a "magic tool." Advanced tools to remove specific sounds from audio files. For example, let's say you're recording music and suddenly hear the sound of a phone ringing or the wind in the background. In such cases, if you use "Spectral Repair", you can pinpoint and erase only the unnecessary sound and leave the necessary music and voice parts intact_22200000-0000-0000-0000- 000000000222_​.

This feature works on a "spectrogram", which is a visualization of the audio. A spectrogram shows the frequency distribution over time using color and brightness, allowing you to see at a glance where noise is present. Users can select noisy areas on the spectrogram and apply Spectral Repair to naturally remove the noise.

You can also cut out whistling and howling during live performances. ↓

Remove the cell phone ringtone that is ringing while talking ↓ Before and after

Best Sound Design Award

Short movie "Bond-I only know you in this town-" (2019)

A short film full of love, completed by location in Shizuoka city. Limited release on Amazon prime until 2020.8 August .

The movie "74-year-old Pelican sells bread" (2017)

A documentary work featuring a long-established store ( Pelican) in Asakusa that sells only two types of bread and is prosperous. We interview owners, craftsmen, customers, equipment maintenance companies, cafe owners, etc. for a long time. It conveys the charm of that rare bakery. Everyone is full of love for the bread, and all the performers speak eloquently. The images of the lyrical scenery of downtown are also attractive.

De-Clip​(Repairs fatal sound cracking))

iZotope RX's "De-Clip" function is a tool that repairs audio when it is too loud and distorted (clipping). Clipping occurs when the input level of your microphone or audio interface is too high, or when you accidentally turn the volume too high. This problem can cause the audio to be "shorn down" and sound harsh.

For example, let's say you recorded a live performance of your friend's band. But what if the vocal or guitar sound is too loud and the recording cracks? In such a case, you can use "De-Clip" to repair the broken sound (clip noise) and restore clear sound quality. 000000000222_​​S.

"De-Clip" analyzes the waveform of clipped audio and reconstructs the lost parts. This makes it possible to restore the audio in a form close to the original sound. live recording,You can save recordings that were once thought to have failed, such as interviews or even band demo recordings..

However, if the sound is distorted by a mixer before it enters the recording device (if the distorted sound is recorded at an appropriate level), it is not possible to repair it. Also, in the case of compressed data such as mp3, recovery is often not possible.

De-Wind(Automatically removes wind blowing from the microphone outdoors etc.))

iZotope RX's "De-Wind" feature is meant to remove noise caused by strong winds often encountered when recording outdoors. When you're recording a conversation with friends or the sounds of nature at the beach or on a mountaintop, strong winds may hit the microphone, resulting in a buzzing noise. This wind noise is a major problem that makes it difficult to hear the original recorded sound.

The "De-Wind" function isEffectively remove wind noise and restore the clear sound quality of the recorded sound sourcecan do. Specifically, by analyzing specific frequency noise caused by wind and removing it, it reduces noise while preserving the natural sound source.

This feature is especially useful when wind noise is unexpectedly included in the recording, such as when making documentaries, recording outdoor events, or recording nature sounds. Using iZotope RX's "De-Wind", you can safely record high-quality recordings even on windy days.


``De-rustle'' is a special feature that eliminates a common problem when using lavalier microphones (small clip-on microphones): the sound of clothing rustling. When you are recording an important interview,Every time the speaker moves, the microphone rubs against his clothes and a rustling noise is recorded.It will be done. This noise reduces the quality of the interview and is unpleasant for the listener.

The "De-rustle" function can effectively reduce or completely eliminate such rubbing noise. Using advanced algorithms, it distinguishes between noise caused by clothing rubbing and the speaker's voice, and removes only the noise. You'll get clear, easy-to-hear audio, greatly improving the quality of your interviews and video production.

De-rustle is especially useful in situations where high-quality audio is essential, such as film production, TV shows, podcasts, and professional video blogs. This feature streamlines the production process by eliminating the need for time-consuming modifications later on.

Spectral De-noise(by analyzing the noise of environmental sounds)Removal)

"Spectral De-noise" is a function for removing background noise contained in voice and music recordings. This tool is especially useful when recording in quiet environments or when high-quality audio is required. For example, let's say you record a conversation with a friend at the library. However, unwanted noises may enter the background, such as the sound of an air conditioner or distant voices.

"Spectral De-noise" can effectively remove these background noises. This feature analyzes the spectrum (frequency and amplitude graph) of recorded audio and distinguishes between noise and speech. Then, noise with an amplitude below the set threshold is removed by subtraction processing.

For example, it can be applied to recording instruments used in music production.The sound of an air conditioner that came on unexpectedly during recording, or outside noise.etc. can be cleared using "Spectral De-noise". You can also convert voice recordings for podcasts and video blogs into clearer audio.

In this way, "Spectral De-noise" is a powerful tool that improves the quality of recordings in various situations. You can remove unnecessary noise and highlight the beauty of the original recorded voice and music.

Ambience Match (environmental sound synthesis))

iZotope RX's Ambience Match feature is a tool that matches background sounds (ambience) between different recordings. In film and video production, it is important to maintain sound consistency between scenes, but audio recorded at different times and locations often have different background noise levels and types.

For example, let's say you're filming a movie, and some of the lines need to be re-recorded (dub-recording) in the studio later. Studio recordings may have a quiet background that may not match other scenes shot in real locations. This is where Ambience Match comes in handy. This feature analyzes background sounds from on-location recordings and applies them to studio recordings, ensuring sonic consistency between the two.

“Ambience Match” ispost production workIt is an indispensable tool used to improve the quality of audio in a variety of media productions, including movies, TV shows, and podcasts.

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