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Basic knowledge you need to know to identify the estimated price of noise reduction

Internet services are appreciated by those who want to improve hard-to-hear recorded data. Due to the limited number of services, it is difficult for users to decide what kind of company to ask.

When a troubled user consulted with this site after receiving a high-priced quotation from another company, there was a case where the charge was 1/10 . Here, we will introduce the minimum basic knowledge that you should know for proper quotation.



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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Sound experts are no longer super rare


There are various cases where you have trouble with the recorded sound quality, but since the voice data you want to use in trials etc. is used as a "trump card for evidence" that affects your life, it is an exorbitant price that takes advantage of that psychology. There seems to be some services that have settings.

Have you ever seen audio appraisals on TV programs? University researchers and people who appraise the voiceprints of the Metropolitan Police Department. He is an authority on the road and has a special image. However, in recent years, personal computers used by ordinary people have become more sophisticated and special applications have been widely used.

Easy access to state-of-the-art audio software

MIT graduates who study advanced acoustic science are developing high-performance software one after another for post-production (editing studios that deal with movies and music production, etc.) and musicians. The most popular audio repair tool is iZotope's RX .

Difficult to hear voice recorder

However, these apps are not easy for inexperienced video and audio editors to use suddenly . Knowledge and abundant experience in sound editing, ears that can hear small changes, high-resolution monitor speakers and headphones are essential. Software costs tens of thousands to 100,000 yen, so it cannot be said that it is an expensive audio equipment owned only by an authoritative researcher.

Sound adjustment for theatrical release movies

You can get a lot of mobile ringtones mixed in the recording

Unless you're asking for a huge amount of files, it's best to be careful , especially for those who offer exorbitant prices for court-related sound quality improvements .


Obviously "terrible sound" cannot be easily improved even by a professional


Even with the latest technology, it is obviously difficult to clean a terrible noisy voice, and the more noise there is, the more laborious editing is involved. In some cases, working on a sound material of only 5 minutes for more than 8 hours can only improve it slightly .

It takes different time depending on the type of noise

However, depending on the type, you can easily reduce it by having a computer analyze the noise component. The noise of "sir" and "shoe" that tends to enter voice recorders is relatively easy . * If the recording time is long (several hours), the processing time on the computer will be enormous and it will take time and effort.

"Za", "Don", "Kacha (tableware)", "Goto (sound of putting things)", "Kasha (shutter sound)", and other noise reductions such as sneezing and voice of people are quite difficult.

Each of these sounds is manually processed by checking the location where the sound is produced. (Addition 17'May / These are also automated to some extent) Even with 5 minutes of voice, it is possible to repair more than 100 places, which is time-consuming and the estimate tends to rise.

It's meaningless if you don't use proper headphones and earphones


In many cases, the built-in speakers of smartphones, voice recorders, and PCs are the lowest-class speakers that say, "I just need to hear the sound." Even if a professional engineer improves the sound quality, the effect cannot be experienced properly.

Listen with music headphones and earphones with a selling price of 8,000 yen or more. The resolution of the sound is completely different .

Estimated prices can be suppressed by clearly explaining what you want to make easier to hear.


If you record a conversation in a lively coffee shop, you will get a lot of different sounds. But if you want to make the conversation easier to hear, you don't have to mute all the dishes and noises .

If you record a conversation in a lively coffee shop, various sounds will be mixed. However, for the purpose of "making the conversation easier to hear", it is not necessary to mute the sounds and noises of all dishes.

When I record at a cafe, I hear various sounds ...

"You don't have to reduce the noise of tableware and the voice in the store." "But I'm worried about ✖️✖️ around 3 minutes and 40 seconds." "Please make the conversation easier to hear." .. Still, if you have an estimate of tens of thousands of yen, it is wise to contact another person.


Delivery date setting that surely improves the improvement probability

Depending on the sound source, the length of the video, and the recording status, the work time will vary greatly. Unlike video, sound is invisible. Even with a wealth of experience as an engineer, the improvement process involves some trial and error. Even with the same sound source, if the delivery time is long, the number of trials and errors will increase accordingly, so the improvement probability will definitely improve. It's a good idea to make a comfortable delivery request.

For clarification of voice recorder, leave it to hybrid sound reform

You can also try voice data full of noise that you are worried about whether it can be improved.

Estimate based on man-hours by actually improving the sound source in question. If you are satisfied with the contents, you can order officially, so you can rest assured.

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