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Outsourcing of sound conditioning | Support for companies and individuals who have problems with sound cracking and noise

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With the ease of video editing, the number of cases of video production within a company is increasing. Content is a variety, location recording the necessary interviews and lectures, such as narration, if you do not have to be let at a certain sound quality, you need voicing work. If the person in charge of video production cannot effectively use the equalizer , which is a rudimentary sound quality adjustment, then it can be said that he is an amateur when it comes to sound.

There is still a difference between what is recorded by a recording professional and what is easily recorded with a camera microphone. However, not many companies can afford to have sound specialists. Immediately seeking professional-class sound conditioning skills from video producers can be a bit daunting.

Sound editing skills require delicate sensitivity, experience, and familiarity with various equipment

Surprisingly few outsourcers have specialized voice skills. Speaking of sound professionals, post-production and recording studios involved in television and movie production. Those studios trained professional engineers and possessed human resources. Studios that deal with projects such as TV stations and movie production companies rarely have the opportunity to use general users or the sound adjustment of inexpensive self-produced videos because the budget does not fit.

Therefore, the reality is that the services that can be easily requested when a company's video production staff is in trouble are limited. "Sound adjustment" requires equipment such as a dedicated monitor with high resolution, and requires a wide range of compatible technology and experience. Therefore, it is difficult to improve the quality suddenly on your own.

Hybrid Sound Reform is a professional sound editing service

In Hybrid Sound Remodeling, we also support a lot of video works of companies and individuals who handle videos on their own. Recovers mistakes such as distribution content, company introduction interviews, and recording of works by video production professionals. We have a wide range of improvement methods unique to specialized services , such as detailed finishing of music works (mastering), professional projects for sound adjustment of movies released in theaters , and clarification of sounds that are difficult to hear recorded by general users with voice recorders .

We provide sound editing technology and cutting-edge audio restoration technology, which was impossible more than 10 years ago, regardless of professional or amateur. We help repair audio materials that cannot be retaken and repair problematic sounds. Please try the improvement effect of the troubled sound source with a free trial .

Improvement cases blog is here.

We are working on the reform of such a sound source.

・ Sound cracking narration ・ Pin microphone recording mistakes ・ Recording lectures with a lot of reverberation ・ Clarification of hard-to-hear voices at outdoor groundbreaking festivals ・ Reduction of wind noise in onboard interviews ・ Conversations at noisy family restaurants and taverns (clarification) ・ Telephone conversations (clear)・ Clarification of tapes with poor sound quality (school songs, etc.)

* Depending on the recording status, there may be cases where you cannot give up or get a quote.

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