For those who are having trouble importing or handling recorded data on a PC

All voice recorders plan

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It is safe for those who are not good at audio equipment and personal computers.

We will solve your problems such as you want to use the data recorded on a voice recorder or smartphone, but you cannot move the data or upload it online.

We have prepared a plan that entrusts you with the main unit for those who want to make the recorded data easier to listen to, but who are not good at personal computers and who are troublesome with voice data transfer and detailed exchanges .

Please pay the shipping fee for the outbound route and send the voice recorder.

All leave plan

Trial fee ¥ 3,000 + sound quality improvement fee

This service is based on a free trial, but if you keep the voice recorder itself, voice extraction work etc. will be required, so we will set a trial fee.

* A separate editing fee will be added for long-time sound sources that exceed 2 hours.

* We will not accept sound sources for which the time zone for improvement is unknown.

If online via trial Free is

Flow until data delivery

Contact from the inquiry form



Email contact from the person in charge


Voice recorder shipping (user)


Data extraction work


Test sound source & estimate creation


Audition (user)


Quote selection & payment (user)


Sound quality improvement work started


Delivery of improvement data / return of recorder

Sound quality improvement data can also be copied to a CD or USB memory for delivery. Depending on the recorded content, we may not be able to accept it . Please check this policy for details.