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Clearly improved air conditioning sound (air conditioner) mixed in video / audio data

There are also seasonal requests for sound quality improvement services. Because the air conditioner is operating full-time in the office in the summer, I get used to the sound of the air conditioner, and the staff working in the office do not care. However, when recording audio and video in that environment, if you do not choose the recording location with consideration for the air outlet, the recorded audio data will contain more noise from the air conditioner (air conditioning) than expected.


Features of audio data shared with a large number of people and listening environment

It is a little difficult to remove these noises. Since the air conditioner is a sound that is continuously emitted by mixing the artificial fans, motors, and wind sounds of the machine, it is good to turn down the volume at the part where the conversation is interrupted, but it reduces the sound of the talking voice. Still requires special software.

I do not assert that it can be improved 100%. So free trial

Of course, it cannot be said that it can be improved 100% depending on the recording condition. Therefore, there are few companies that provide such services for general users. If you can't improve even if you work for a huge amount of time, it will not lead to sales. Therefore, some companies offer diagnostic fees just to determine if they can be improved.

<Client audition comment>

Thank you for sending us the sample. As a result of the examination, I would like to place an order with A. The audio level was higher than the original one, the noise disappeared, and it was very easy to hear.

Satisfied with the noise reduction of the air conditioner, delivered safely

Please contact to improve the sound quality of voice recorders that are offensive to your ears . is a service that specializes in improving sound quality. We are happy to accept recovery projects such as recording mistakes that cannot be retaken. Emergency response is possible. Since the trial is free, you can try the improvement projects that seem impossible without risk.

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