Request for mix mastering & track cleaning


why? Solves the problem of not getting the desired "that sound"

There are high barriers to producing professional quality master sound sources. Famous artists use top-notch engineers, expensive vintage equipment, and even the latest plug-ins in every direction to finish their work from a wide range of choices.

DAWs in recent years have abundant high-quality sound sources and presets from the beginning, and somehow it becomes cool, but there are many creators who are worried about not knowing what to do for the next level.

Supporting vocalists and musicians who want to make songs with a high degree of perfection, but "I can't learn the equipment" and "I want to specialize in my specialty", and creators who can't get close to the finished image even if they challenge them To do.

・ Noise removal for sound sources with poor recording environment

・ Multi-track mix support

Truck cleaning

・ Mastering

It may not be as good as a work recorded in the best environment, but we also have the feature of a service specializing in "retrofitting" audio editing, and we are good at maximizing the material already recorded.

Originally it started from a mastering service,

Would you like to re- create the sound of the vocal track ? There are more opportunities to propose, such as cleaning a single track, finishing only a vocal track , and supporting mixdowns, and more help that cannot be packaged.

First of all, please try the sound making trial. Hybrid sound reform actually has the highest repeat rate from music creators. Please feel free to contact us.

Reasons for struggling with vocal track mixdown