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The boring video of the recital

It's a video work that you'll want to show to people!

Is the performance "remaining beautiful"?

Do you have a video of your child's piano recital or competition? Many of them tend to be stored as they are recorded.

Images taken by individuals are inferior to TVs and music DVDs. Why don't you remodel such a video into a work that you want to watch many times? "That moment" to premium media.

★ Easy 4 steps !!! Just send the SD card or DVD of the video



After making an inquiry, we will keep the video, audio, and image data from the customer.



Reform video and audio data with an editing device.


Please check the finish on the Internet such as YouTube.


If you are satisfied with the finished product, please select a medium such as a DVD and make a payment.

Easy-to-see fixed-angle Handycam video


This is a live video of MIKOTO , a child guitarist based in Aichi prefecture . The Handycam video was shot in a relatively beautiful state, but when I listen to it with headphones, I'm worried about noise in the audience seats.

If you shoot at a fixed position, the image will not move and the image will be a little boring. It's a very good performance, but I'm a little worried that the staff often wanders behind.

↓ We will upgrade such a video.


The sound quality correction of the hybrid sound reform reduces the voice and noise in the audience seats, and the songs are mastered for easy listening.

Cuts fixed-point camera images and adds movement to make it look like a document clip. (Here, the concept is to cut the staff you care about as much as possible.) Don't you think the video is much easier to watch? Video editing has become quite common, but full-scale sound correction is quite difficult. Why don't you leave your important performance as a "music portrait"?

To a pleasant video with advanced audio technology

■ Is the video containing music determined by the quality of the sound?

Performance taken by the music and home video camera to listen in T V program will what is the difference. Recently, 4K image quality shooting is possible even with smartphones, and the gap with professionals is narrowing. Even in the location of TV programs, the images taken by the talent himself are often used.

When it comes to music, "good or bad sound" determines the perfection of a video . You can record the video as you see it, but the sound requires specialized know-how.

For content that you can enjoy watching valuable performance records




Representative of Hybrid Sound

Graduated from the Institute of Sound Arts, Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi in 1993.

Since 2013, he has been advocating "music reform" as a life work. Commercialized in 2014. Started voice correction service mainly for bands active in amateurs. We are proposing a new plan to help you with more opportunities to meet noisy piano recitals on video sites. We provide technical services related to sounds that are rarely provided to amateur musicians, so please feel free to contact us even if you are outside the menu.

"Music Portrait Plan"

1 song (5 minutes) / ¥ 12,500 (excluding tax)

A video of a piano recital taken with a home video camera or smartphone is packaged in a "premium short movie" similar to TV broadcasting. Finish with your favorite media such as Blu-ray and DVD.

[Characteristics of the presentation premium plan]

(1) The state-of-the-art noise removal technology cuts the noise of the venue and the sound of the camera shutter.

(2) Make a moving video that eases the boredom of the fixed-point camera by using photographic images .

Put subtitles such as song titles, venues, and comments of performers up to practice in a document style.

"YouTube / Portrait Plan"

1 song (5 minutes) / ¥ 9,600 (excluding tax)


The videos already posted on YouTube are packaged in a "premium short movie" similar to TV broadcasting. Add value to video and audio.

[Characteristics of the presentation YouTube plan]

① It's very easy because you just send the URL.

(2) The state-of-the-art noise removal technology cuts the noise of the venue and the sound of the camera shutter.

(3) Make a moving video that eases the boredom of the fixed-point camera by using photographic images .

Subtitles such as song titles, venues, and comments from performers up to practice will be included in a document style.

* There is a difference in the method of checking the finish.

[Professional video work]

・ Cut split by multiple cameras

・ High recording quality with professional equipment

・ There is almost no audio noise

・ Abundant subtitles.

[Home video]

・ Get tired of fixed camera images

・ Recording of video and audio is reasonable

・ Noise other than performance is noticeable

・ Due to lack of information, only related parties

I can't understand.

[Multi-cut by inserting still images]

[State-of-the-art noise removal and high-quality sound]

[Telop utilizing pinpoint information]

Close the quality gap with professional video to create high-quality video

■ With this service, you can revive the famous performance after recording.

Don't give up on the performances you've already recorded. The state-of-the-art sound correction technology removes unnecessary noise and camera shutter sound. Please try the video below with headphones.

There are companies that do business trip recording and video recording, but none of them offer such services for amateur musicians. Although it is a common audio technology in post-production such as movie production, it is very time-consuming and unprofitable as a business. In particular, voices recorded by amateurs are often in poor condition and are not worth the money. We have launched this service with the desire to leave a beautiful moment that is important to the performer .

Amateur musicians rarely have the opportunity to record high quality music.

Is it "unavoidable" that the value of a photo taken with a video camera of a consumer device, unlike a photo, is significantly reduced?

For amateur musicians who rarely go on stage, each stage is very valuable. Why don't you leave such a performance as valuable music content?

We have introduced some menus in an easy-to-understand manner, but we are accepting various editing work for videos and recordings. Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Musical instrument stores that host the recital and people involved in schools and music classes also accept various quotations.

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