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Video sound adjustment and audio data restoration

Sound adjustment and noise removal for movies, videos, and YouTube content materials


Noise removal and clarification of voice memos

Improved sound quality of voice memo data that makes it difficult to hear the recorded content


Live sound source (2MIX)

Converting a 2MIX sound source that is out of balance and has no power into a clear and powerful hybrid sound source


Noise removal for live instrument performance

Cleanly improved sound source data for piano recitals, choruses, brass bands, etc.


Vocal removal

Only vocals are removed from the completed music data. Creating karaoke data that does not exist.


Audio Restoration (DAW)

We will perform audio restoration work for each track related to music production.


Mix mastering

We will help you mix mastering your music. Vocal pitch / timing correction is also OK.


Other audio editing

Supports all genres, from simple BGM connections to complex dialogue editing


Video / video editing

Please contact us for various video editing.

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