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What is "sound quality" that makes a live house recorded performance feel cheap?


The difference between professional LIVE content and live house recording is clear to everyone. The recording quality is too different, isn't it? Professional live sound sources that are multi-recorded for each instrument and are precisely mixed and mastered, and simple CDs, video sound sources, and video data shot with smartphones provided by the live house are all available. It is the quality difference of the cloud mud that you can see.

I can't listen to the LIVE sound source of an amateur band comfortably

For smartphones and Handycams

Air recording with the microphone attached to the video camera. The music balance is still listening because it is close to the environment of the audience seats, but the quality is incomparable with professional LIVE content. Cameras specialized for music can record at high sound pressure, but the drawback is that they pick up extra noise. In most cases, the sound image is blurred and the song is hard to hear.

For example, a video of a school festival

When recorded at a live house

Line recording from a PA mixer. Since the "sound that can be heard directly" of the guitar amplifier and live drums is added to the sound heard in the audience, the recording is minus that amount. It tends to be a delicate instrument balance.

Live house mixers are also becoming more digital, and most videos mix the sound produced at the venue with the sound recorded in a different balance from the air recording. Although it is quite rough, there is also limiting, and it is possible to record at high sound pressure, but the sound may crack.

Line recording (a little air is also mixed)

Why does the band performance on TV sound so good?
Music program

If the band also uses karaoke, why is the sound quality of the band playing on the TV music program so good?

In TV broadcasting, PA is set up on the spot, and the setting is made so that people on the spot can listen with well-balanced sound quality. This is because the air recording of the overall mixed sound from the PA and the direct line sound of each instrument are mixed.

(1) Stereo recording of live-balanced air sound from PA with a high-performance condenser microphone
② Line voice for each instrument

It is not difficult to record a TV program class sound source if you balance these sound sources appropriately for the music in the adjustment room of the mixer where you cannot hear the sound directly. There seems to be a reality that the priority of live houses for amateurs, which are small and not well equipped and are not premised on recording, will inevitably drop.

Most professional bands are well-balanced without having to para-out the line.

We are proposing a way to make use of valuable sound sources

Amateur bands are not blessed with the opportunity to make full-scale recordings unless they are copy bands when they were students or bands that release sound sources in earnest.

If the activity period is short, the value of one live is very high. Even in such a situation, there are bands that perform amazingly like professionals, and moments when they perform miraculous performances. Hybrid Sound Reform is a service that started to make such a valuable moment into a comfortable sound source. (I was also a bandman)

Editing know-how to improve poor voice every day

Strong noise processing

Free sound image processing

Audio repair

High sound pressure beat make

The evolution of plug-ins over the last few years has been remarkable, overcoming one after another the difficult voice editing challenges.

Strong noise processing

It can strongly remove hum, hiss noise, etc. mixed in the voice from the recorded audio. Excessive use will affect the tone of the instrument. Also refrain from using it for acoustic solo instruments.

Audio repair

You can remove minor sound cracks and audio errors, including tiny clipping noise. If it is a momentary sound, it is possible to reduce specific sounds such as howling, microphone "blowing", and audience voice.

Free sound image processing

You can also adjust the instruments you want to hear and the instruments that are too much. Powerful cut and boost for each band by EQ and multi-band comp. Edit the center and side sound images separately according to the instrument localization.

High sound pressure beat make

Maximizer is a plug-in that anyone can easily obtain high sound pressure, but the final effect is completely different depending on the processing accuracy of the bass and drums.

There is a difference in the finish between setting with presets only and those with precise EQ control.

Rebalancing processing by AI analysis has also evolved

The latest version of iZotope's Ozone / RX, which is familiar for mastering and audio restoration, has a plug-in that allows you to change the instrument balance from a mixed sound source.

The effect is apt depending on the music characteristics and data resolution, but all of them are used up in this service. With the rebalancing on RX, I started a vocal cut karaoke sound source creation service.

A plug-in that allows you to adjust the balance of drums, bass, and vocals.

Always face risks that cannot be improved

All plans for hybrid sound reform are trial order systems where you will be charged after trying the effects in advance . There is a give-up case for voices full of noise in the audience seats, but in some cases it can be drastically improved. Please feel free to contact us.

The value of a stage that is played infrequently is inherently high . Why don't you enjoy the dew recordings that are valuable to someone?

Create a hybrid live sound source of distribution quality from the live house recorded sound source

Live sound sources and video sound sources that are concerned about sound quality can also be made high quality with hybrid sound reform sound reform! Why don't you enjoy your own special sound source with clear sound with noise removed?

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