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Noise removal and audio edition of audio and video handled by lawyers

Hybrid Sound Reform, which provides cutting-edge sound quality improvement technology, provides support services for lawyers who handle audio and video content.

In recent years, the use of voice data recorded by voice recorders as evidence is increasing in disputes and divorce talks. We have received many requests for this service, such as clarifying the voice of the voice recorder, from the parties in dispute.


Most of the sound sources received from the parties involved in the dispute keep a huge recording of several hours . It depends on the contents, but it is troublesome to handle these data. It also supports digest editing of only the necessary parts. We will perform audio (video) editing according to the purpose, such as copying to USB memory and creating a CD.


Highest level noise removal (voice processing) technology

It is also possible to handle difficult- to- listen conversations and jarring noise in the recording. In the sample below, the ringtone of the mobile phone mixed in the conversation is removed. This is the most difficult and requires a lot of processing time, but it provides a high level of technology to avoid negative elements in important conversational parts.

You can flexibly negotiate such as quotation, flat-rate business contract, introduction chargeback, etc.

In the first place, I think that most of the disputes themselves prepare these sound sources. In advancing the trial in an advantageous manner, the audio evidence may be difficult to use, or the transliteration work may not proceed smoothly .

For lawyers who handle a large amount of estimates for each case, we will propose various plans such as monthly contracts and kickbacks when the dispute is introduced.


Please contact to improve the sound quality of audio data, which is the definitive proof . is a service that specializes in improving sound quality. We also accept repair corrections and bold audio editing for valuable sound sources that cannot be retaken. Free trial even for difficult sound sources. You can try it without risk.

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