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Cuts noisy noise (bird calls) mixed in video messages

Cuts noisy noise (bird calls) mixed in video messages

Nowadays, you can easily shoot videos with your smartphone, etc. Video messages are one of the familiar means. I think many people used it to celebrate their family and friends.

The other day, the sound quality improvement requested by a professional creator who is editing videos for free is a video message sent at a company commemorative event. A big celebrity that everyone knows sent a congratulatory comment to the president of a company.

"Hello Bob, congratulations this time"

It's a comment cut that seems to be common, but most of the time I'm talking, the noisy bird's cry of "peepy" is mixed in so that the comment is covered. Even when recording outdoors in a quiet place, only the birdsong can be heard at a jarring level.

For the general public, it is enough to convey the content of the message, but it is a level that is "worrisome" for public announcement such as screening on the company homepage or party venue. It would be a rude video for both the company and the people who commented.


・ Noisy noise mixed in MC can be significantly reduced by advanced technology.

・ Business apps are expensive and require experience to master them.

・ Background noise can also be resynthesized

Noisy noise can be significantly reduced with advanced technology

Even if the audio is given up 10 years ago and could not be repaired, the repair tools used in advanced post production (such as RX from iZotope) can repair troubled audio in such cases with high accuracy.

Sounds that are not mixed with the surrounding sounds and that are clearly uncomfortable can be processed fairly cleanly. The above video removes the whistling of the live venue called "Pee". In the case of comments, it is not an easy task because it slightly covers the main sound, but it can be removed with considerable accuracy.

★ Business apps are expensive and require experience to master

I use iZotope's RX8 Advanced (latest version as of 2021), but specialized audio repair tools are a bit expensive for the general public who don't use them often.

The orange spectrum meter, which is also displayed in the above video, visualizes the sound, so you can perform various processing locally while watching the visual. A certain amount of experience is required to effectively use it, such as what kind of module should be used for improvement in a high-precision monitor (speaker or headphone) environment or various processes.

★Background noise can also be resynthesized

Since the audio component is visualized, it can be processed like Photoshop, but the noise you want to remove (here, the voice of a bird) is identified on the meter and erased. We will try and error the most effective processing, such as locally reducing the volume of the part that can be judged as "bird's voice" or blending it with other sounds in a gradation manner, and search for a better processing method.

However, if you erase the "clear sound" of the already recorded voice data, you will inevitably get a "twitching feeling". It's difficult to get a natural finish, but Ambience Match is a powerful help in alleviating them.

It is a function to resynthesize the noise part that has been clearly removed with other background noise. If used properly, you can expect a "noise-free" finish.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any video or audio content you are worried about.

Hybrid Sound Reform helps hundreds of professional creators' troubles in such voice recording every year. This service is operated in Japan. Due to long-term deflation, prices are very low, and it is quite cost effective from orders from overseas.

You can try the content you are worried about in a "free trial". Please feel free to contact us.

Anyone can remove noise from video data, adjust sound, and restore audio.


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