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The reason for launching the sound quality improvement service

The moment when VHS sleeping in my parents' house turns into a treasure

The reason for launching the "Music / Sound Remodeling" service was the old VHS tape that was stored at my parents' house. It goes back to copying it to a Blu-ray deck.

Even now, most live houses will record a DVD if you ask. VHS tape, which was generally popular until the late 90's, was mainly used.

If you are a band who appeared in a live house, you may have checked the performance once for reflection.

The band I was active in had several studio recordings to record demo tapes for indie and music publishing presentations. Therefore, I didn't pay attention to the VHS video recorded live, and left it somewhere while checking it for reflection.


I didn't own the equipment to play it anymore, but it was also great that my younger brother who got married and left his parents' house left a VHS deck that could be played.

The sound is too terrible and the youth stage is too cheap


When I played the video for the first time in more than 10 years, I was surprised at the terribleness of the "sound", even though the video quality could not be expected from the beginning. The live house recording video at that time was a style of only line recording on VHS. An unbalanced sound that is a through-recorded sound from a PA speaker. Overwhelmingly dasai & shoboy than the actual sound (laughs). The memory of youth has also withered. At that time, it was accepted as a standard, but it is certainly something that I do not think people will actively look at.

There was a time when a cassette sound source that recorded only audio could be recorded in a miraculously good balance, and at that time the sound source edited with reverb was shared with band members and related parties. However, such a case is rare, and the sound source was of terrible quality only for line recording in a small venue.

In recent years, PA desks and recorders have also been digitized, making it possible to mix out separately from the PA balance at the venue, and I think that even with the same line recording, the instrument balance is less likely to be lost.

It was a rapidly evolving plug-in that I wanted to repair the live sound source


In the latter half of the office worker era, he enjoys playing golf on holidays in order to relieve the stress of middle management. The frequency of music production was decreasing, but I could afford it, so I bought and touched music equipment and software as a hobby when I felt like it. I used to update Emagic Logic (Gold) before becoming Apple, but after a long time I was interested in Cubase 7. A code editor is installed, and I want to try it and introduce it. But what surprised me was the rapid evolution of plugins.

I became more interested in the plug-ins that came standard with Cubase, and became addicted to plug-ins such as UAD, Slate Digital, and Waves, which are purveyors of professional creators. A leap in modeling technology for famous vintage equipment called emulation. The "sound" of high-end equipment that could only be used in a bubbly recording studio when I was a musician can now be used with a similar feeling.

Also, when I got to know the Maximizer, I was so overwhelmed by the sound pressure that I could never produce in the past.

If this is the case, it may be possible to improve the "dasai & shoboy sound".

With such a new and affordable DAW and plug-in, I decided to improve the VHS of an old live house. Trial and error began, and some virtual live albums were created and asked by former bandmates.

When I got a voice saying, "You can listen to it," I felt the possibility (I also enjoyed restoring and repairing it.) While exploring the mastering technique, I felt the need for noise removal and deepened the technique, and the voice I woke up to repair (reform).

Most professional audio engineers are free after working in a recording studio or video post production. In order to be involved in major distribution content, sound materials are worked on the premise of the best quality from the beginning.

I thought that there was no surprising craftsman who specialized in "remodeling" "sounds that are not beautiful in the first place", and came up with the existence of a sound version of "painting restoration master".

For sound quality improvement, please contact . is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering. Please feel free to contact us for anything, whether for commercial or private use, such as seminars with broken sounds, presentations of musical instrument performances, and improvement of sound quality related to videos . There is a trial order system where you can try the effect for free with short voice. I will be happy to challenge the sound source that I really want to do something about.

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