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Sound quality gives the "song" a special value

I love singing. A supplement of the heart that I must be healed and encouraged by a lot of music.

It can shake people's emotions and impress many people. In recent years, some people have exploded in popularity as a result of posting on YouTube. But not all of them have full-fledged singing techniques.

There are TV programs where amateurs and professionals compete for karaoke scores, but why does an amateur winner not always succeed as an artist? Don't you think the answer is the charm of the person's "singing voice"?


I think that many people have experienced it, but the songs they hear live are a different dimension from what they experience on CDs, the Internet, and TV. Even through a microphone, there is nothing better than the realism of sharing directly in the same place. Professionals devote enormous amounts of time and know-how to CDs and videos for indirect communication, and experienced engineers and experienced sound producers support their perfection. Of course, this is to convey the charm of the song even if it's not live .


Have you ever recorded your own song? Recently, there are many singers who actively post their songs on YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, and nana. Popular singers who earn record views have also appeared, but how is the "sound quality" compared to those people?

Most of the popular videos are delivered with reasonable quality. Music content with poor sound quality feels jarring "before the song is listened to" in the first place , and most people pass it through . (Isn't that the case with you?) You can't hear the attractive singing voice in the first place .

I understand the feeling of rushing to post a video because I want to convey it quickly. However, not everyone gets a big shake from the beginning, and it spreads with wrinkles by continuing to play for a certain period of time. The attractive amateur sound quality is usually a waste.

All you have to do is try it for free.

Hybrid Remodeling raises the sound quality of your recorded videos by several levels. Of course, it is not absolute depending on the recording status. That is why it is necessary to perform the video diagnosis. Because it is invisible and sensuous, we are particular about free trials with peace of mind.

In addition to self-portrait Handycams and smartphones, DAW-recorded sound sources, karaoke, live house videos, old VHS, and performances recorded with various recorders have also been improved in sound quality. Would you like to get a video that conveys the charm of the song?

Product Review Specialized / Video Service overview introduced by the PLA.

Product Review Specialized / Video Liberation Army Trial Verification

YouTube Single

1 song (5 minutes) / 1300 Yen

Test reform (2 minutes) is FREE

Please tell me the YouTube URL where your song is recorded. We will remodel the sound that "maximizes the charm of the song".

★ Easy. Just send the URL.

★ You will receive the download destination of the beautifully finished video.

User's voice ♪

First of all, I'm really glad I asked. Until now, it was a sound source that was not powerful no matter how loud you listened to it, but it feels good to listen to. Thank you for doing this much work at a reasonable price.
★ Sound Reform 20 (Audio) Plan / Adult Copy Band Drummer

I am very satisfied. It was as if we had the illusion that our playing skills had improved. I felt good.

★ YouTube single plan / unit active singer

(Omitted) When I made a PV-like video, posted it on YouTube, and listened to it again after a while, I felt that it wasn't refreshing, or that it was different from the image of the song I had. With this remodeling, that part has been improved, and I've heard many times that the finish is satisfactory.

★ YouTube Single Plan / Indie Arranger / Recording Engineer

Do you have a video like this?


Self-portrait performances and karaoke performances with smartphones and digital cams.

Please choose for me!


A video recorded by one turtle at a live house. The sound is fluent with line recording.

Please choose for me!


Video of a piano recital where noise in the audience is ruining the performance .


Demo sound sources and CDs that were recorded over 10 years ago and lacked power.

Please choose for me!

These sound sources give a refreshing sound without any discomfort


Live house line recording

For you who gave up on the sound of squishy


To upgrade the distribution sound source

Is LANDR not enough?


Handycam x rock band

I want to regain a sense of reality


MIX & mastering failure?

I RECed it, but it's not enough ...

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Let me help you create your own special masterpiece


Sound Designer / T.YAMAKAWA

Graduated from the Institute of Sound Arts, Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi in 1993.

Although he entered the school as a recording engineer, he became absorbed in music production while he was still in school. After graduating, he started composing and arranging in earnest. Passed several artist auditions. The band that participated released a 97'mini album but disbanded. After that, he got a chance to appear on TV in the unit, but he was not blessed with vocalists and stopped 04'music activity. Since then, he has worked at a general company.

I updated my 12'DAW after a long time and remastered my old sound source

Impressed by the remarkable evolution of quality. We will launch this service to see if we can divide the technology that leaves important works beautifully for each . We propose a unique sound reform method that does not give up repairing even with a bad sound source.

Appeared on TV in the ending theme capture project of the TBS program "Digi Yatai".

☆ Easy & convenient music remodeling service


Are the songs and performances recorded on your smartphone or Digicam a little cheap?


We will remodel such music into a powerful sound.


Create videos and CDs that sound good and can be listened to comfortably.

To you who say "I want more people to listen to my song" but "Music equipment seems to be difficult". You can also deliver videos posted on your smartphone or Handycam with good sound. Why don't you try "Music Remodeling" for free to maximize the charm of your song ?


Are you ready to try the "make the song more attractive" remodeling for free in your video? Imagine what your video will open next .

Behind those who are doing well is a problem-solving karakuri. Isn't it crazy that only some people use it?

Please send us the URL of your video. The number of views will surely increase once without any risk (laughs), but there must be a moment to discover new value beyond that .

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