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Boldly edit live sound sources that have lost their sense of presence> Get high-quality sound

Rock band x Handycam = Better choice?

Video recorders dedicated to music have become available, and there are many users in amateur bands. The sound quality is also high, unlike smartphones, because it also contains sound pressure. The loud performance output by the PA also masks the noise in the venue (it is drowned out by the volume of the performance itself), making it the best choice for amateur bands . Still, it is a fact that there is a big difference from professional live works. The cost and equipment to be installed are different, but as a result, the "realism" is the biggest difference.

Many video samples are available on SONY's music video recorder site.

Seven features of band performance recorded by a music video recorder

(1) It can be recorded with high sound pressure, and the bass can be recorded with thick sound, which is quite powerful.

(2) The feeling of air is slightly lost (depending on the venue and the number of guests) .

③ The sense of localization of the instrument diminishes depending on the setting position .

(4) The tone color of the drum changes drastically (effect of the built-in limiter).

⑤ It becomes difficult to hear the song due to PA status .

⑥ I'm worried about the noise in the audience seats in the quiet part of the song .

⑦ The sound image is farther than the multi-recorded live sound source .

There is a decent sound pressure and it is powerful, but another point that can not be missed is that the fine details of the performance are lost. In order to reproduce the realism of a live performance, equipment restrictions and comprehensive acoustic know-how are required.

What is sound reform that enhances the realism of live performances?

Most of the sound sources recorded by Handycam are LR stereo sound sources, and how much editing can be done from them? We will reproduce the sense of reality by using the following three items.

(1) Various noise removal and audio correction using "audio repair" technology.

(2) Optimization of EQ and comp (limiter), which are the axes of "mastering".

(3) Precise coloring of bands and stereo sound images by "multi-band editing".

These are optimally blended according to the material to enhance the sense of presence. It brings out the best position of air feeling, sound pressure of drum & bass, and sound output balance of songs and musical instruments.

Of course, we provide "remodeling", so it is not all-purpose because there are irreparable noises and distortions as well as repairing a house with a broken foundation.

That is why we have adopted a " trial order system " that allows users to make requests with peace of mind.

A new experience at an affordable price

Just send the video URL. You can easily try the remodeling

YouTube Single Plan (1 song / within 5 minutes)

1 song (up to 5 minutes) / 1300 Yen

2 minutes of test reform is free. You can make a formal order after experiencing the effect.

(please note)

This service is not suitable for those who listen to videos only with a speaker built into a PC or smartphone without using headphones or an interface.

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