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Reasons to be chosen

① I want to erase the sound that has lost its original charm!

The reason for launching this service was the VHS videotape I found at my parents' house. I was shocked by the cheap sound recorded at the live house . When it was the standard, I had given up on it.

As a result of the challenge, "Is it possible to do something in the current editing environment?", An exhilarating live sound source that resonates with Zunsun is born . Joined his own music library and was impressed by the results.

I felt, "Is this something that a certain person would be very pleased with?", And began to explore the technology of sound reform by collecting the sound sources of friends.

The world's first self-proclaimed "sound reformer"

Polish "the moment you become your heroine" .

② Recording is also for bands with high thresholds

Over 100 songs have been produced since March 2015. Used by indie musicians, DTM creators, copy bands, etc. I also get a thankful scolding from a copy band who doesn't have a chance to record, saying "Tell me soon". It is often difficult to improve narration, which has a lot of noise outside the performance, but especially band sounds are highly satisfying to users.

③ Reliable service that you can try the effect for free

Since you can try the effect in advance, there is no loss for the user. Depending on the recording condition, sound reform cannot guarantee 100% results. We may give up. Such a reckless service cannot be a legitimate big company. I want to add value to amateur sound sources. Such feelings support this service.


Three convenient points to use

(1) A 120% secure system that allows you to order after trying the effects.

After receiving your inquiry, we will send you the media of the performance you are considering remodeling by mail.

Media custody

Test CD creation

Free delivery

Test audition

2-4 minutes as a guide

We will create a test sample CD that reforms the audio with the same quality as this order.

We will deliver the created CD free of charge . You can try the same song before and after processing.

You can choose your order after listening to the effect. If you would like to proceed to the official order, please also request a detailed request here.

You can also store your files online.

(Up to 10G)

★ Please bear the shipping fee when you send it.

★ Because it is specialized for auditioning, it is limited to CDs.

Rest assured


I can do it.

Officially order

Dubbing only


It is also safe for customers who are worried about the remodeling effect or when the recording condition is particularly bad.

(2) Please try sound reform that exceeds your expectations.

Normal sound recorded at a live house.

★ Sound reform for professional sound

☆ Old VHS is also powerfully noise clean.

An era in which anyone can easily obtain high-quality sound. Twenty years ago, individuals can now own the sound quality that can only be obtained in a top-notch studio. But you still need skills to use them effectively. A unique edit backed by a wealth of music production and recording experience. We will spare no effort to reproduce the sound that your LIVE listener has experienced. We perform a unique remodeling / treatment that comprehensively captures from the recording state to the final listening environment.

③ Free combination. It supports from cassette to high resolution.

We have a rich lineup of media that we will deliver to our customers. Request video and recorded data

We will dubb to the media according to the customer's playback environment.

When requesting with Blu-ray media, it is possible to process with high sound quality of 48 to 192kHz (24bit).

You can also enjoy it at your home high resolution compatible home theater, high resolution DAC.

Let's awaken the treasured sound source with the latest media.


Handycam x rock band

I want to regain a sense of reality


VHS and cassettes in storage

Hybridize your treasured sound source


I tried singing & playing

For you who want to grow a little longer


Live house line recording

For you who gave up on the sound of squishy

mastaring for daw

To upgrade the distribution sound source

Is LANDR not enough?


Piano recital

Make your precious performance beautiful


MIX & mastering failure?

I RECed it, but it's not enough ...


Seminars other than music

Noise removal of video content, etc.


To music instructors

Would you like to liven up your music solution?