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Easy & convenient Get premium sound by utilizing "Music Remodeling" !!!

Hybrid Sound

Is it okay to leave the sound as "subtle ..."?

Hybrid Sound Reform is a new service that supports the sound quality of amateur music content . Editing technology such as the latest noise cleaning leads music recorded in various locations to a pleasant sound.

Not only self-portrait Handycams and smartphones, but also DAW-recorded sound sources, karaoke, live house-recorded videos, old VHS, and performances recorded by various recorders are enhanced. Would you like to awaken to the quality that conveys your charm to the fullest?

Should singers and musicians who do not have the opportunity to make a full-scale recording endure with "reasonable sound"? Is it bad to play? "Sound is the life" for rock and pop music that you can enjoy at a loud volume at live performances. The most important thing is the sense of presence that is directly transmitted. Hearing instinctively avoids uncomfortable sounds.

Is your performance killing its original brilliance with subtle sound quality?

Unfortunately, even the wonderful listeners who arrived at the music by chance, "performances recorded on consumer devices" are only subject to skipping .

Just send the URL of your video. Trial now!

CM1 / Live house video (02') / Headphones!

Remodeling fee / 1300 Yen

Test reform 2 minutes is FREE trial

YouTube Single Plan (1 song / within 5 minutes)

Product review Specialized video The PLA explained the service in an easy-to-understand manner.

User's voice ♪

Demo sound sources and CDs that were recorded over 10 years ago and lacked power.

Please choose for me!

Video of a piano recital where noise in the audience is ruining the performance .

(Please contact us)

I'll do my best!

Self-portrait performances and karaoke performances with smartphones and digital cams.

Please choose for me!

Live footage shot from the audience with a Handycam, etc., whose sound is broken.

(Please contact us)

I'll do my best!

Leaving such a performance

Is _____ in?

Imagine | Your stage where you can really dance

I am very satisfied. It was as if we had the illusion that our playing skills had improved. I felt good.

★ YouTube single plan / unit active singer

I haven't had the opportunity to record for the past few years, but with the help of your company, I got the feeling that I could make a sound source that deserves an announcement based on practice sound sources and live sound sources. I had it.

★ YouTube Single / Active 3-piece rock band

First of all, I'm really glad I asked.

Until now, it was a sound source that was not powerful no matter how loud you listened to it, but it feels good to listen to. Thank you for doing this much work at a reasonable price.
★ Sound Reform 20 (Audio) Plan / Adult Copy Band Drummer

[Takumi's skill] Was it possible to turn off the ringtone of the iPhone that was ringing while talking?

To music instructors

Easy monetization

If you think it's a lie, please google !!

The only "sound reformer" in the world

" Sound Reformer / yamaka WA!" Continues to take on reckless challenges with the desire to "eliminate music content that has lost its original appeal from the world ." Each performance record for an amateur musician is an "irreplaceable treasure." However, there are few opportunities to record properly, and most of them have poor sound quality, making it difficult to enjoy as music. I started to challenge to break such common sense.

Its performance has absolute value

Music is a universal content that can be enjoyed by everyone across time and borders. It has the potential to connect with people all over the world through the internet. Even if you only listen to music, you can enjoy the "comfortable" sound three times more. Why don't you change the value of "some sound" for the songs and videos of amateur musicians ?

I want people like this to try it

・ You who think that it is good as it is because it does not have playing ability.

・ Because it is a copy band, you who want to enjoy it in the inner circle.

・ You who think that recording is probably unrelated.

・ Singers who think that no one will watch even if they deliver karaoke.

・ You can't throw away embarrassing quality videos.

・ You who have difficulty resuming music activities.

Want to increase the number of views and spread the music?

Nowadays, even amateurs can sell their music all over the world. Musicians who want to make their music known to the world will be ready for distribution without failing to master the music. Because in pop music such as rock, "sound output" is the life to enjoy the shower of that sound.


・ If the sound is dirty, it will be skipped at that point.

・ You also don't want to listen to poor sound quality music.

・ It's a little painful to listen to the works of acquaintances.

・ I don't want anyone to listen to sound sources with low sound quality.

Do you do your best with free software?

Now you can make and edit a lot of music with your DAW free software.

But do you have time to improve the environment and acquire extra knowledge?

Is the priority wrong?

・ Powerful sound changes the nuance of the performance

・ Response to videos and music will change

・ Beautiful sound feels good anyway

・ If you listen to it like a pro, the music will be ...

・ Double the fun because it copies perfectly up to the sound output

Pursuing "high sound quality" for you

Easily experience a new sense of sound reform.

YouTube Single Plan (1 song / within 5 minutes)

If you have posted your own performance on YouTube etc., please try it for free. Just tell the URL of the video release destination . After the remodeling is completed, we will inform you of the download destination. Not only seriously active musicians but also copy bands are welcome.

Free test reform for up to 2 minutes

Yours not posted on youtube

Free trials of videos and recordings are also possible! !! !!

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