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Typical recording equipment for amateur musicians


About typical recording equipment. There are various personalities depending on the manufacturer and model. Here are some simple specifications.

iPhone 録音 ボイスメモ スマートフォン
① Smartphone / tablet
ボイスレコーダー アプリ

Recording 8K-48KHz

File method AAC, MP3, Aiff, Wav

AIR recording

The easiest is an i-phone or android smartphone. You can also record with the recorder app that is distributed free of charge . Pay attention to the recording level as it uses the built-in microphone of the smartphone. It can be used for memo recording for composition and playback for musical instrument practice. It's easy to send recorded files, so you can share rough original songs with band members. Musical instruments with large volume differences may not be able to withstand the sound pressure and may be distorted.

リニアPCMレコーダー ボイスレコーダー 楽器録音 ICレコーダー ハイレゾ録音 高音質
③ Linear PCM recorder

File method AAC, MP3, WAV, etc.

(Linear PCM 44.1kHz to 192kHz 24bit)

AIR recording

It is often used at recitals . Not only CD level recording, but also high resolution compatible models such as 98k / 24bit recording and DSD can be purchased at a reasonable price . It is often used for playback of practice performances.

Not only delicate instruments but also loud rock bands are OK. Many models have a built-in high-quality stereo microphone. Click here for a comparison article of popular models .

ビデオカメラ ハンディカム sony フルHD 4K 自撮り 動画撮影
② Video camera

Recording Dolby Digital 2 / 5.1 (48kHz compression)

File method MPEG-4 AVC / H.264

(Linear PCM 48kHz to 96kHz 24bit for music)

AIR recording

Video cameras are a staple for recording stage performances. There are various types, but recently, music-only models equipped with high-quality condenser microphones are also available at a reasonable price. If you use the camera's built-in microphone, the setting tends to prioritize video over sound. This is one of the reasons why you can't play with good sound. Family-friendly products can be recorded in MP3 class, and music can be recorded in CD to high-resolution class sound quality. It is important to set well rather than specs .

DAW 音楽制作 mix ミックスマスタリング 音楽機材 制作ツール スタジオ

Recording Supports various recording formats.

Software Pro Tools, Cubase, Apple Logic, etc.

Various specifications from various audio I / F manufacturers

Multi recording

DAWs have become an indispensable tool for creators of music, regardless of genre . Use in combination with a personal computer + audio interface . With investment in plug-in extensions such as effects and soft synths, you'll have endless choices and specs. If you have a notebook PC and peripherals according to the application, you can perform high-quality multi-recording without any problems.

MTR 楽器録音 多重録音 ライン録音 リハーサルスタジオ デジタル録音
⑤ Multi-track recorder

Multi recording

File method WAV, etc.

Linear PCM 44.1kHz ~

DAW cooperation, CD writing function, etc.

A single multi-track recorder . A standard model that can record 8 to 24 tracks. DAW cooperation and condenser microphone mounted type. Multi-recording is possible without the need for complicated settings around the PC. Since it is a mixer integrated type, it is easy to set even in a rehearsal etc. regardless of the location . Recommended for bandmen who hate PCs.

⑥ Various media decks
CDレコーダー スタジオ備品 カセット スタジオ録音 一発録り

CD-R, DAT, MD, cassette, etc.

Recorded with two dynamic microphones in the studio.

Rehearsal studios always have a stand-alone media deck. Recently, the CD-R deck seems to be a standard. You can record from the microphone set in the studio. These are often used as sound sources that are recorded when performing at a live house.

■ Sound quality is greatly affected by the microphone and its level setting.

ビデオ 音声モニター 外付けマイク ガンマイク オプションパーツ 音質重視

Even if you have an inexpensive camcorder that has a REC terminal, you can expect a significant improvement in sound quality simply by adding an optional microphone. Setting the audio level is a very important point. Be sure to check the sound with headphones before setting.

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