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Why don't you leave "memories" of familiar videos as well as shopping?


To Shiraoka citizens

Thank you to all the citizens of Shiraoka for visiting our site.

Hybrid Sound Reform is an audio / video editing service with a workshop in Shiraoka City.

We regularly accept editing requests from all over the country (sometimes from overseas) on the Internet. This time, the Shiraoka City Chamber of Commerce announced that "Shiraoka City Local Support Premium Gift Certificate Dealers" and applied for recruitment.

Please use the local audio / video editing service that you can request individually.

Video / video editing

We also accept commercial SNS, video content for HP, commercial videos, etc.
Please feel free to contact us for launching a low-priced homepage starting from scratch or for SEO consulting.

We also accept personal "memorial video editing"

We will summarize personally taken Handycam and smartphone videos and photos as a "memorial record". It's hard to see the videos that are left untouched, and in most cases they are stored .

By cutting unnecessary parts and adding telop and BGM, you can make a video work that is easy to see like a documentary program. Would you like to visualize everyday episodes? Please feel free to contact us as we will accept it at a reasonable price.

Utilize the actual data stored in the smartphone of a common mom

If you don't understand, consult on LINE


Representative & Sound Refomer / Takaki Yamakawa

Graduated from Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi, Institute of Sound Arts. Aspiring to be a recording engineer, he entered the school, but since he was still in school, he devoted himself to music production and went on to make music. Through the activities of bands and units, he goes in and out of major labels and music publishers, but fails to make a major debut and freezes his music activities at the age of 30. After that, he struggled as a salaryman. After working for several companies, he is in charge of sales of some listed companies.

In 2014, I was surprised by iZotope's voice restoration technology and established a sound reform site that can be used by both professionals and amateurs. Widely involved in audio and video editing. Recently, I am also working on sound adjustment for small movies.

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