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Can't you hear the contents of the lecture wearing a mask because the microphone sound is muffled?

Can't you hear the contents of the lecture wearing a mask because the microphone sound is muffled?

I'm Yamakawa, who runs a sound quality improvement service for video and audio data.

A new lifestyle due to the corona sickness has taken root, and a mask is indispensable when going out.

Since the fall of 2020, the number of inquiries has been increasing at the same time as the event events have been gradually activated.

"If you talk with a microphone while wearing a mask, your voice will be muffled and difficult to hear."

I'm worried.


In the exchange between President Trump and the media, while wearing a masked reporter with Ichamon

"You are clear and easy to ask questions without a mask," he praised (laughs).

Obviously, wearing a mask makes the sound muffled and makes it difficult to hear people's voices.

Hearing is different between the scene and after recording the video

Microphones are used for lectures in large venues so that the audience can hear them. Even if you think that it is a little difficult to hear if you wear a mask on the spot, there are many cases where you can not hear what you are talking about when you record and preview it.

Bad sound noticed while editing a video

Recording only with a camera microphone without line recording from the microphone adds the following negative factors.

  1. Reverberation of the venue

  2. Ventilation opens windows and doors

  3. Noise from outside the venue related to 2 (car engine noise, etc.)

When these are added, the audio state becomes a level that makes little sense for recording.

It can be said to be fatal when recording a professional lecture where the content of the talk is the center of value.

Jet noise + microphone performance leaking from another booth

The other day, the case you requested was a small lecture held at a large exhibition hall booth that included all of the above negative factors.

Because the venue is close to the airport, in addition to the harsh environment with the noise of jet planes passing by,

The flashy microphone performance of the next booth was mixed in, and the voice of the performer who was muffled (depending on the angle of view) was defeated by the voice of another booth, and it was in a very difficult state.

・ Overall noise reduction

・ Boost by distinguishing only human voice

・ Cut and reduce the voice of the next booth

Execute improvement processing centering on the above work.

After presenting the sample, it was adopted and delivered safely.

For those who are having trouble with "difficult-to-listen audio / video data" even for projects that are not related to masks

Please feel free to contact Hybrid Sound Reform if you come.


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