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About applying for YouTube Sound Retouch Plan

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A sound quality improvement plan for videos that have already been posted on YouTube. Please send the URL of the video you request. We download the video, extract the audio part, and perform "sound retouch". After completion, we will inform you of the download destination. In the case of videos before posting, if you can share the file with doropbox or google drive, we will respond in the same way.

* You need to upload to YouTube again. It is not possible to maintain the number of views.


3 Easy Steps | YouTube Sound Retouch Plan

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① Please fill in the required items on the application form below. We will check the URL of the posted video and download the video data on our side.

(2) We will check the recording status and contact you by e-mail. We will start the work after receiving a reply to confirm your identity .

③ Send the URL of the download destination and download the test reform file.

(The server storage period is basically 7 days after contact)

If you think you can use it

Formally order

Send this URL and

Just answer the questionnaire!

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