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Basic knowledge of music plug-ins (Cubase)


An interesting delay that combines a modulation delay and a filter (frequency & resonance). You can easily set whether the filter should be placed after the delay feedback loop or in the final out. By increasing the Drive parameter, which can add distortion to the feedback loop, you can change a mediocre phrase into a radical sound. The panel is also easy to understand and cool.

For those who are not familiar with DAWs and sound quality correction, we introduce basic effect plug-ins for processing audio. DAW is an abbreviation for Digital Audio Workstation. It is a general term for tools that are indispensable for music production, such as recording, editing, and typing in performances. Here, we mainly introduce Cubase plug-ins.


A monaural delay that works with the tempo of the sequencer with the sync button. It consists of basic parameters, but it also supports side chains and has special usage. Equipped with Hi Lo filter.




A stereo delay in which the delay effect is repeated alternately on the left and right channels. As with Mono Delay, use the sync button to link with the set tempo. The left and right stereo width can also be controlled with the Spatial parameter.


Stereo Delay

Stereo delay with two independent delay modules. Of course, the tempo can be linked, and the two delay times can be set individually. In addition to Hi Lo filters and side chains, 26 types of presets can be easily used according to the application.


AmpSimulator cubase

Amp Simulator

Monaural type amp simulator. There are 14 types of guitar amplifiers and 10 types of speaker cabinets. You can also adjust the texture of the selected speaker cabinet by using the Dumping parameter hi Lo.

Magneto2 cubase
Distortion cubase


The effect of simulating an analog tape machine for masters called a famous instrument can be obtained. The saturation balance peculiar to the tape can be balanced, resulting in a warm and smooth sound image. It is effective not only for masters, but also for secret spices for phrases that are a little sloppy.


A plug-in that distorts the input sound. It can be used like a compact effector for guitar. It is also equipped with a parameter Spatial that can change the distortion characteristics on the left and right to create a spatial stereo effect.

BitCrusher cubase
Da Tube cubase
Grungelizer cubase


A plug-in that can add crackle noise and electrostatic noise to audio materials that are digitally turned on. You can add noise as if you started a broken amplifier.


An effect unique to plug-ins that intentionally deteriorates sound quality by lowering the number of bits in the audio signal. You can add lo-fi and noisy distortion to make the junky sound dirty.

Da Tube

A tube simulator that allows you to add the texture of a vacuum tube. It adds a unique warmth, distortion, and luster. A convenient plug-in for adding an analog feel, driving the base and kick lightly, and for precise mixes.

SoftClipper cubase


An overdrive plug-in that can add soft distortion. The feature is that the 2nd and 3rd overtones can be adjusted independently. You can also create distortion-like distortion by raising the input level. It can be used when you want to emphasize the presence of each instrument without changing the impression of the tone.

VST Amp Rack cubase

VST Amp Rack

An amp simulator that allows you to create guitar sounds as if you were actually setting up an amp, cabinet, or compact effector. 7 types of guitar amps, 6 types of speakers, and 18 types of pedal effects. Capacitor and dynamic microphone settings are also available. With abundant presets and various guitar amp settings, the degree of perfection is high.

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