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Howling removal & mastering (live sound source of acoustic band)

This service started when I heard the sound of old VHS at the Live music club where I appeared and thought "What's this?" Recently, we have been working on a wide range of sound quality corrections such as sound adjustment of movies, voice restoration of video production companies, clarification of voice recorders, etc., but even now half of the users are high level music activities in earnest. Musician.


Why can we call it high level? Of course, that's because it's an artist who can provide attractive songs and performances even if they are played and recorded in one live performance. I personally like songs that have been written with automation and DAW edited for all effects, but live recordings are sometimes more realistic and inspiring than intentionally recorded records.

Was there no howling mixed in the live sound source?

After a free trial, we helped create a full album with only live recordings. Howling was mixed in the main song, which is the representative song of the band. Can this be removed? It was from the consultation. The band, which consists of vocals, acoustic guitar, and violin + chorus, produced very groovy and comfortable songs even in a style without a rhythm section.

The howling in question is not a state in which the vocalist goes in front of the speaker and becomes a blatant "pee", but a thin howling of about 5 to 10 seconds at random points. Chain with the white ball of the guitar. I imagine that the cause is that the environment on the stage is changing due to play.

The lyrics aren't strong enough to be drowned out, but it's a level that even an amateur can tell, "Oh, howling." It was a rather difficult sound source to release as a finished product sound source.

Howling is clearly heard as a "foreign body" in the surrounding sounds. It can be clearly identified by the spectrogram meter (a meter that visualizes the sound components) of the application called RX that we use for editing. Sometimes it's very difficult to find a sound that doesn't know where it blends in and is confused, but if you can identify the location, you can locally reduce the volume or blend it into the surrounding sounds to make it almost unnoticeable. I will.

Proposals for mastering live sound sources


"It's amazing! Then can you make corrections like ✖✖?" It became an exchange with the musician who used it, and it was a little mistake part, another howling sound source, an air recording sound source with a little environmental noise. After receiving many requests such as noise elimination, it ended up being a full album with more than 13 songs.

I've had users buy their skills, but I think it's a big reason that I proposed not only so-called "noise elimination and correction" but also live mastering that adds value to the song. I will.

Unlike multi-recorded sound sources, if individual instruments and microphones are not recorded in para, in many cases the instrument balance will be a little unbalanced. With sound sources recorded in the air at a live house, noise in the audience seats is still annoying, and even if you add mastering sound pressure, they will be emphasized. It is also a fact that there is a big difference from the quality of live sound sources released by professionals on DVDs.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, the reason why I started the service was that the old VHS sound source that I appeared in was too much.

Cheap sound → It's too different from the sound you actually experienced live

Audio restoration (voice restoration technology) using a spectrogram meter is a new technology under development that is less than 10 years old. There is almost no technical difference with a well-known veteran engineer. In addition, we have been actively working on sound sources with severe recording conditions not only for professionals but also for general users, so it can be said that only the restoration experience value is top class in Japan. (Top engineers do not receive such troublesome and unprofitable work)

There are quite a lot of repeaters because they feel the value of enjoying their own performances with good sound.

The fusion of the above techniques with the latest mastering can dramatically increase the value of the live recording (which can be difficult, of course).

"I want you to enjoy live performances with professional-class sound quality!"

We will continue to propose hybrid live sound sources without changing such aspirations.

We will not compromise on technical research for that purpose.

We look forward to a free trial from a band that has absolute confidence in their live performance.

(Free trial available) Noise removal and mastering of live sound sources with poor sound quality

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