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I was asked to adjust the sound of a documentary film (USA)

I was asked to adjust the sound of a documentary film (USA)

The other day, I helped with an overseas movie work. A documentary that records the activities of children living in New York for a long time. The theme is marine environmental issues, which is a hot topic now. Through education, we are realistically capturing changes in children's consciousness.

The center of the stage is the actual elementary school classroom. Growing children are universal and very energetic. If you think of a classroom during breaks, you can easily imagine the noise.


Interview with one camera often used in documentaries

The documentary audio is characterized by its realistic vividness, including the environmental sounds of the place. When getting comments from performers, recording in a noisy place is often harder to hear than expected, and in cases where it is played at a movie theater, it is often jarring, so proper sound adjustment is required.

The client (director of the work) requested the first time, especially the sound adjustment of around 30 cuts where the sound condition is severe. The following scenes are cuts that require sound adjustment.

・Noisy rattling noise in the background of comments during breaks (reduction of noises and voices over comments).

・Vowel breaking due to a child suddenly speaking in a loud voice.

・Lecture using a microphone in a large classroom. (There are many reverberations and it is difficult to hear the voice)

・Comments at the beach (Mike blown by the sea breeze)

・During the lecture at the entrance, the voice of the telephone responding in the background.

We were satisfied with these sound adjustments, and in the end we received many additional orders, including more than 70% of the cuts in the movie and narration correction recorded in the studio.

Use the high cost performance sound wisely

The client is a Japanese director living in NY. In order to outsource full-scale sound adjustment locally, it is common to order from an engineer who has a studio and is in business. NY, which has a high land price, has a world-class fee structure and the production budget is tight. He said that he found this site by surfing the net to improve costs.

After delivery, the subsequent work (MA and mix) was done in a high-priced studio in NY,

It was said that our sound adjustment technology was highly evaluated by local engineers.

It is said that you can get credit, so I would like to introduce it on this blog when it is decided to release it.

The situation is similar in Japan, with self-produced films and documentaries with a small budget.

Opportunities to consult about sound adjustment are increasing. We are gradually improving the work environment that allows us to be more flexible. Not only the works of movie creators, but also many negative voices such as clarification of general voice recorder sound sources are handled on a daily basis, so you can expect voice repair with a lot of damage.

Please feel free to contact us.

You can request the sound adjustment of self-produced movie / video content.


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