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Zoom Webinar archived video echo mitigation request

Zoom Webinar archived video echo mitigation request

I'm Yamakawa @HSR_YB, a hybrid sound reformer who works on repairing and improving voice data.

Since the Corona disaster, remote appearances on TV programs have become a standard, but we often see broadcasts that are difficult to hear due to interruptions in sound due to problems such as radio wave conditions.

ZOOM, a web conferencing system, has become firmly established in corporate internal meetings. Since those call records can be recorded, they can be used not only for meetings but also for in-house training and online seminars. The number of cases where it is secondarily used as a teaching material as a video archive is increasing.

Difficult to hear the audio of the video archive

Such video archives are caused by unexpected audio problems due to communication environment and equipment setting mistakes, and the number of consultations for this service is increasing.

  • The sound is interrupted

  • The voice echoes

  • Delay (mountain phenomenon) is applied

  • The noise is terrible

  • The sound is quiet

The above is the main content of the voice troubles that were consulted regarding 2020 ZOOM. In some cases, some problems were combined.

Echo reduction for specific performers

One of the requests for sound quality improvement was a ZOOM dialogue with four performers who were supposed to use it for e-learning materials.

The three performers had clear voices on the microphone, but only one performed a strong echo. The viewer has a strong sense of discomfort.

With our audio restoration technology, reverberation can be reduced to some extent. When recording with a voice recorder in the audience seats of the lecture hall, we have delivered many times to the problem that the reverberant sound is too loud and it is difficult to hear the contents.

This time, only one subject has a wave in the echo condition depending on the location. It was a rather troublesome task to apply mitigation processing to each part that felt uncomfortable and to bring the sound quality of the other three people as close as possible.

When we presented an improvement sample, it was evaluated that the discomfort was considerably reduced, and it was officially adopted.

Difficult to reduce delay (mountain phenomenon) AAA class

It is said that a delay (mountain phenomenon) has occurred endlessly for 90 minutes in the main voice recorded in the lecture.

There was also a consultation. There is also a complete give-up case depending on the degree.

"Ah ~ (Ah ~) Today ~ (Today ~)"

Such a state.

It was a very uncomfortable and harsh condition that the next word was covered by the previous word.

We often refuse such situations, but we will make full use of the "specific sound erasing technology" that our service has to find out if we can somehow reduce it due to the fact that we have presented a slightly expensive budget. I considered it.

As in the sample video above, it is relatively easy (if the number of processes is small) to erase the sound that is clearly not mixed with other sounds such as "pee" in the live venue. However, when the performer's voice is overwhelmed by his own voice, it is difficult to determine where the echo sound is mixed, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the number one among the many sound quality improvements made last year. It was.

I worked all day for about 7 days and was able to deliver it.

We will take care of such difficult problems if your budget matches.

We also offer free diagnosis (sample creation).

If you would like to improve ZOOM-related voice troubles and noise, please feel free to contact us for hybrid sound reform.


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