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Noise removal and remastering of classical concerts

Noise removal and remastering of classical concerts

I'm Yamakawa @HSR_YB, a sound reformer. Recently, I have received repeated orders for noise removal from classical music enthusiasts' private sound sources.

There are various sound source sources, such as old TV recordings such as VTRs, FM air checks, and those recorded in the audience seats of concerts, with the promise that the client will enjoy them for personal use.

In classical music, various conductors and orchestras perform timeless masterpieces, so even the same songs have different interpretations and playing styles. Therefore, it seems that your favorite performance may not be a CD that is on the market.

Broadcast archive sound source noise

Broadcast sound sources were originally stored in videos and tapes, and now they are enjoying playback by converting them to digital files. The first request was for a consultation that the radio noise that had been mixed in the high frequency range called "pee" could not be removed.

For listeners who want to immerse themselves in the performance that they feel is the best, even a slight "pee" noise is annoying.

The pitch of the beeping sound is clear and stable, so if it is not so loud, it can be removed cleanly in most cases. After removing this cleanly, I started to request it repeatedly.

Noise removal from audience recordings is a Hardwork

The most recent work I received was a sound source that recorded the concert that the client himself went to in the audience. If you use a linear PCM recorder and can record in a good place, you may be able to enjoy some music.

However, it was difficult to record in the audience seats, and it was located near the customers who made noise with bad etiquette.

Anxious noises such as clearing throat and stepping have been mixed in most parts of the performance. Classical concerts have a large dynamic range and are very delicate. Removing them is not easy.

Above all, the creaking sound of the chair, which was mixed many times during the delicate violin solo, was in the AA class of noise removal difficulty.

Even the latest technology cannot handle these noises automatically. "Gi" "ri" "ri" of the chair It is necessary to finely pinpoint each note. It is a fine edit just like a painting restoration. ..

Also supports mastering to adjust how to pull out the instrument

This client also received a request for overall sound quality adjustment. Despite the violin concerto, the leading solo violin sounds cloudy.

It was also a factor that the bass range was strong due to the recording position, but we also performed remastering with exquisite equalizing adjustment and saturation.

Estimate of sound source with high repair difficulty and long length

Many full orchestra symphonies and concertos have a long playing time. Therefore, when the noise processing of the difficulty level AA class takes a small hour, a daunting task is waiting. Therefore, the estimate is expensive, and casual orders may be difficult unless you are a wealthy person and a maniac.

If you have an important sound source that you really want to repair and listen to in a beautiful state even if it costs money, please contact us.

You can order after receiving the actual sound source and listening to the improvement effect.


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