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Rain outside the interview shooting | Noise cut (denoiser)

Rain outside the interview shooting | Noise cut (denoiser)

I'm Yamakawa @HSR_YB, who runs a sound quality improvement service. The other day, I received a request to adjust the sound of promotional videos for overseas brands that are newly developed in Japan.

YouTube content created with the intention of introducing a particular brand story through interviews with well-known actresses. It seems that multiple cameras were shot and edited by one photographer.

If the Denoiser setting is not correct, the sound will be strange.

Immediately before the release, the actress's office gave an NG in terms of sound quality. The cause was that it was raining at the time of the interview, and the sound of rain (not so strong) was continuously mixed in the room. Due to the improper noise processing, the voice quality became uncomfortable.

Since it was not a contact from the video editor, I have not been able to confirm the details, but from the finish, I imagine that it is the result of strongly using Denoiser (noise processing plug-in) that comes with video editing software such as Final Cut pro X. I am. For Denoise plug-ins, it is very important to adjust the amount of scooping, but it is not uncommon to consult with us about sound adjustment because we cannot avoid the feeling of strangeness.

Due to the growing demand for video, there are various levels of editors, but there are cases where even more specialized audio editing cannot be handled by professionals. For difficult noise processing, it is difficult to reduce noise naturally and finish it without discomfort if you can handle only the presets of the attached plug-in.

How to finish a sound with continuous noise with professional quality

A single plugin such as Denoiser can only do a rough noise cut. Quality cannot keep up with high-brand content that emphasizes image.

If we handle

  • Low cut

  • Noise reduction in a specific frequency range (combined with multiple De-noise plug-ins)

  • Amplification and limiting by voice component extraction

  • Reverberation component reduction

  • Equalizing according to the actress's voice and environmental sound

From abundant experience value, we perform exquisite processing according to the audio source and finish it with high quality.

Solves the problem of sound that cannot be retaken

If you have a famous actress appear, there are very few companies that can re-shoot at a cost. If you have any concerns about improving the sound quality, please feel free to contact us for hybrid sound reform, regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur.

  • Sound cracking

  • Motorcycle engine sound mixed

  • Air conditioner noise

  • Noise due to equipment trouble

  • Mini wireless microphone recording omission

We have a track record of improving various audio problems in TV programs and videos.

Please leave it to us for sound adjustment and dialogue finishing of movie contents.


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